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Our Story

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Welcome to BISOU, where you will find a simple way to color your place and brighten your life with artworks for decoration.

We offer high quality personalized work of art at a very competitive price. We understand that customers have different tastes to inject personality through art. Therefore, we not only provide a variety of types and styles of photos but also wide range of products for printout.

We support global shipment and artworks will arrive in perfect condition.

In addition, we provide professional photography service in Hong Kong. We capture the treasured moments for you about family, Big Day, corporate events, pets, infants and celebration events

The name BISOU means kiss in French. It encompasses strong, positive emotional and mental states from heart. We believe that photos taken from heart make an appeal to the emotions. Photography is an invaluable tool in communicating one’s thoughts and emotions. Hope that world is full of love.

We make art for everyone. We make it accessible to anyone willing to find it.


World is full of love.

Thank you for your support.



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