Framed Wall Art

Art Photo

Quality with Choices

We provide photography for framed arts. There are over 500 stylish photos covering wide range of topics, like fine art, flower, cityscape, nature, street, black and white, minimalist, cultural and landscape. All photos are glossy finishing with high color saturation production.

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DLC50 - D2.jpg

Distinct Frame

Your own Size & Color

Everyone has his or her own taste.  Not only photos, we provide frame with different color and size for our customer. For each frame, there are hanging system, plexiglass and white board to let the art work being focused.

Aluminum alloy frame

Graceful & Stylish

Frame - 3 colors.jpg

 3 colors available

 Three dimensional stylish design

Frame - draw bench.jpg

Drawbench metalworking

We work for the meticulous design 

MIC19 - S.jpg

There are hanging system, plexiglass and white board to let the art work being focused.

All goods are brand-new and made on-demand. We pack all items securely so that you receive them in perfect condition.

For Hong Kong consumer, we usually ship the product in 8 days upon order confirmation. The delivery is free of charge.

For international orders, it may take 15 to 18 days for mail items to reach recipients for most destination cities as below.

United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

International shipping flat rate for Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, China and Turkmenistan is HK$350.


International shipping flat rate for other destinations is HK$450.


Reference exchange rate:

US$1 = HK$7.8

EUR1 = HK$8.4

JPY1 = HK$0.072


​About deliver time for other countries, please send us email for inquiry.  

Furthermore, our pleasure to provide custom art work for you, like photo size and frame color. For details please send us email.